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Luís Simões supports IPO campaign in association with Ecopilhas

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Luís Simões, as an ecoparceiro of Ecopilhas, was associated with the solidarity action that took place in December, which reverted to the environment and the fight against cancer and whose objective was to support the Portuguese Oncology Institute of Lisbon (IPO) in the acquisition of surgical equipment.

LS has made available its facilities for the placement of pylons, where all were invited to put spent batteries and batteries. For Luís Simões, the importance of participating in an action of this nature, which benefits a health unit, in this case for oncological treatments, is in line with its policy of social responsibility.

This equipment will be used especially in the major operations of general surgery, thoracic, head and neck, and otorhinolaryngology.

According to Cláudia Simões, Luís Simões Sustainable Development Manager, "this is another way for Luís Simões to play his role in the community. Oncological diseases are a scourge that does not choose victims, so it's up to each of us to do something to mitigate this drama. Add to this the pride of Luís Simões in associating with Ecopilhas, a non-profit organization whose work is too meritorious, with concerns ranging from the environment to the well-being of the populations and support to the most disadvantaged and sick. "

As part of its social responsibility policy, Luís Simões intends to promote a transparent relationship with stakeholders and society in general, by assuming, either through the commitments expressed previously or through the development of targeted actions, in order to promote personal, professional and family valuation, information activities, sensitization and solidarity, directed towards external entities with which it interacts.

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